​Yurts are nomadic structures originating from central Asia where they have been used for thousands of years. Their elegant yet simple design has evolved over the centuries and has become perfectly suited to a harsh climate and demanding way of life. The yurt is still very much in use today. The yurt is becoming increasingly popular in western culture as a low energy, affordable alternative to modern housing and buildings.

Yurts are easy to insulate and very cheap to heat and can even be placed on raised timber floors, which makes yurts truly luxurious spaces to be in. Yurts are extremely versatile structures and suit a variety of modern day uses from dwelling place to office to mobile cafe and of course yurts make perfect festival and event bedrooms.

Our festival glamping and event yurts vary from 12 feet in diameter to 30 feet in diameter.

Squrts are fun and quirky miniature yurts, The squrt has been designed and hand-made by us in our workshop in rural Northumberland. Squrts are colourful, cosy and unique, created exclusively to provide an unforgettable, luxury camping experience. 

Cloudhouses' as we call them are our twist on an old Persian design not dissimilar to a yurt called an Alachigh. These structures are cool to look at and bring something new and quirky to the land of festival accommodation. Cloudhouses are a little more spacious than a squrt but smaller than a yurt. Cloudhouses  are much better for anyone who likes a higher and wider doorway than a squrt. However Cloudhouses do not have wooden lockable doors.

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