Will my Yurt Squrt or Cloudhouse be watertight?

All of our Yurts, Squrts and Cloudhouses are designed to keep out bad weather even when it pours you will be lovely and dry when inside your Yurt Squrt or Cloudhouse. In the case of extreme storms and driving rain you may experience some dampness but this

Do I have to set my Yurt Squrt or Cloudhouse up?

No your Yurt, Squrt or Cloudhouse will be carefully erected and dismantled for you. Simply arrive at the festival or event come to our reception where we check you in and even help you with your bags.

Do I need a light or torch?

Furnished Yurts, Squrts and Cloudhouses are supplied with led lights and fairy lights. High end Yurts are provided with spot lights and fairy lights. Unfurnished options do not have lighting so camping lanterns, wind up torches etc are a good idea. All be

If I’m with friends can we have our Yurts beside each other?

Yes of course you can please advise us of this request when you book and we will ensure you are right beside your pals. If you book different structures we will try our best to pitch you as close as possible to each other but cannot guarantee you will be

What size are the Yurts?

Our 9 foot diameter blue and white Squrts have head room of 5 feet 6 inches in the middle and 3 foot high lockable doors.Our 9 foot diameter green and white Squrts have head room of 6 feet in the middle and 3 foot high lockable doors. Our 10 foot diameter

Will my Yurt, Squrt or Cloudhouse have lockable wooden doors?

All our Yurts and Squrts now have lockable doors. Cloudhouses and bell tents have canvas doorways.

Do I need to bring bedding?

If you have ordered beds then dont bring any bedding apart from a fleecy blankey if you have ordered air beds, in any other instance then yes please bring bedding a carrymat and good quality sleepingbag or duvet.

Can I hire bedding from you?

Yes you can order memory foam mattresses with bedding or airbeds with bedding (fitted sheet, pillow and 13 tog duvet with covers).

Can I charge my phone?

If you book one of our high end Yurts you will have the facility to charge your phone in your Yurt.In any other case we always try to have power at our reception where you can charge your phone. This service is free and cannot always be guaranteed. We are

Can I use my hair straighteners or hairdryer?

If you book one of our high end Yurts you will have the facility to style your hair in the comfort of your Yurt. In any other case we always try to have power at our reception where you can sit at one of our stools, use our mirrors and plug in your own ha

Can I upgrade to furnished?

Upgrades are subject to availability its always worth asking at our reception. If we have the availability to upgrade we will oblige while you have a beer or a coffee.

Yurts with electricity?!?!

If you book a Yurt with electricity please be aware that this is not a household power supply, you can charge your mobiles use your hair straighteners etc but during peak times you can't use too many appliances at the same time. We recommend low voltage k

Can I put up a windbreak or gazebo outside my rented accommodation?

Each festival has different rules about putting up windbreaks and gazebos, so to be certain that you will be given permission to put yours up you should contact us or the festival directly.

If I haven’t been to a festival before how will I know where I am supposed to go?

After arriving at an event there will be members of the security team or stewards who are there to guide you and will show you where to go. If you arrive in the dark we can mark your route with a flag and notify you about it if you require extra help. We

What happens if I am delayed and will arrive late at night?

You can telephone us to notify us that you will be arriving late and someone will be on call and will make an arrangement to be available to assist you.

Can I cook in my accommodation?

You cannot cook inside any of our accommodation structures however you are permitted at almost all events to bring camping stoves with you which you are welcome to use outside your structure a windbreak is worth bringing too if you intent to cook.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking at any time but we do have cancellation fees, check this out in our Terms and conditions.

If your question isn't answered above, then feel free to contact us direct. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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