Cloudhouses at Lost Village

Campers can arrive as of TBC for 2017

Long since concealed from the outside world, the Lost Village has been a source of suspicion and rumour for generations. From apparitions in the skies above its rustling treetops, to the misplaced souls that wonder it’s leafy corridors, plucked from the sands of time itself.

So, if you think you’re ready, take the road past the old fishing lake, towards the water tower. Ahead you’ll see a rusty gate, nestled amongst the darkened bushes, and a sign that reads ‘Keep Out!’. Beyond that gate is where you need to go, for beyond that gate is the forest of the Lost Village.

Once inside we can no longer promise your fate. Amongst the derelict buildings and winding pathways, you will encounter all manner of unusual characters. Speak to them, hear their stories, join their journey.

A kaleidoscopic dreamscape of sights, sounds, secret hideaways, banquets of fine food and rituals of the weird and wonderful all await those who dare to enter this mysterious place.

The gateway opens but once a year… Assemble your tribe, the Lost Village awaits.


A harmonious retreat for those seeking a little zen. Quietly tucked away and surrounded by beautifully still waters, a pocket of calmness in a world of madness. Wood-fired hot tubs, indian head massage, holistic therapy, yoga and much more…

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Luxuriously therapeutic wood-fired hot tubs, from Bathing Under The Stars. Nestled on the shores of the Lake of Tranquility, these beautifully crafted western red cedar hot tubs accommodate up to 8 people; all whilst being served glasses of wine, Prosecco and Champagne.

Hollistic Treatments

If your tribal rituals have left you feeling a little stiff, then you’ve come to the right place. Indian Head Massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, Hopi Candling, Stone Massage and many other holistic treatments will have you feeling like a new person.

Accommodation available

​All of our luxury yurts and bell tent accommodation is sold Directly via the Lost Village website

Feel free to contact us for further information.

  • 14ft Diameter Furnished luxury dorm yurt14ft Diameter Furnished luxury dorm yurt

Festival Location

​Cloudhouses are coming to lost village for the first time. To book our accommodation please follow this link:

Travelling buy car :


Traffic travelling from the south should access the event via the M1 Motorway or the A1. 

If travelling via the M1 then you should exit the motorway at junction 21a, then follow the signs for the A46 towards Newark.  At Newark please follow signs for the A46 Lincoln,  you will then see the directional event signs halfway between Newark and Lincoln at Witham St Hughes, guiding you to the site. 

If using the A1, then exit at the A46 junction at Newark, and then follow the signs for Lincoln.  Again you will pick up the event signs at Witham St Hughes as above, guiding you to the site.


Traffic arriving from the north should access the event via the A1.  Please exit the A1 southbound at Newark (A46) junction, then follow the signs for Lincoln.  You will pick up the directional event signs at Witham St Hughes, halfway between Newark and Lincoln, guiding you to the site.


Traffic arriving from the east (Lincoln) should head out of Lincoln on the A46 towards Newark.  Keep on the A46 to the Witham St Hughes junction, at which point you will see the directional event signage, guiding you to the site.


Traffic travelling from the west should head towards Newark on either the A46 or the A617.  At Newark please follow signs for the A46 Lincoln,  you will then see the directional event signs halfway between Newark and Lincoln at Witham St Hughes, guiding you to the site. 

Please note traffic controls will be in force around the site during the event and these include local road closures and tow-away zones.  Please always follow the official event signage and routes detailed above to avoid confusion and delays.  Vehicles not parked in the official car parks will be removed from the highways so please also ensure you have bought your official parking ticket in advance from HERE

Please also clearly display your event parking pass BEFORE arriving on site to avoid delays.

Festival Lineup

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Festival Prices

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Festival Facilities

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  • Electricity included in luxury packageElectricity included in luxury package
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